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Shontal Cargill
Shontal Cargill • 2 years ago

Taylor Swift

  • edda sabin
    edda sabin • 2 years ago

    she is so pretty!!!

  • Tina Hart
    Tina Hart • 2 years ago


  • Janelle Moitoso
    Janelle Moitoso • 2 years ago

    Shut up, Taylor swift!! We all know youre the next Mother Teresa okay

  • Andersen Roberts
    Andersen Roberts • 2 years ago

    lolol @Janelle Moitoso; AMEN

  • Sarah Rae Anderson
    Sarah Rae Anderson • 2 years ago

    Lets write a song about it and then sing off key

  • Kayla Brezvai
    Kayla Brezvai • 2 years ago

    What's the point of putting her down ?

  • Rebecca Eakes
    Rebecca Eakes • 2 years ago

    What a hypocrite!! how about you stop bashing guys in your songs because they didn't like you (wonder why!!!) and then bragging about it.

  • K. S.
    K. S. • 2 years ago

    Wow, angry much people?

  • Lela Cole
    Lela Cole • 2 years ago

    People hate things that shine!

  • Lindsey Calhoun
    Lindsey Calhoun • 2 years ago

    @lela amen! You guys just hate on her because she's accomplished more in her young life than you ever will.

  • Caroline Shepherd
    Caroline Shepherd • 2 years ago

    She's a person too, ever heard the song 'Mean'? It's about everyone who just put her down for no reason.

  • Jessica Writesel
    Jessica Writesel • 2 years ago

    Wow, jealous much people? That's the only reason I can see why so many would have anything hateful to say about her. She is such a sweet, good hearted person.

  • Jessica Writesel
    Jessica Writesel • 2 years ago

    Wow, jealous much people? That's the only reason I can see why so many would have anything hateful to say about her. She is such a sweet, good hearted person.

  • Kristen Bauer
    Kristen Bauer • 2 years ago

    "The truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation. So make your words count" -TSwift

  • Anna Claire Beasley
    Anna Claire Beasley • 2 years ago

    ♥ taylor and her music (: y'all may not agree, but it is a FACT that she is one of the few celebrities that isnt letting drugs and what society throws at them ruin her life. Just sayin'.

  • Zoey Herrington
    Zoey Herrington • 2 years ago

    I love Taylor she is so sweet you would think that she would be doing a whole bunch of drugs and all this other stupid stuff big stars do but she isn't she is beautiful sweet smart and an amazing singer what else could you want in a girl

  • Kim Krause
    Kim Krause • 2 years ago

    She is pretty incredible!!

  • Jenni Kowsh
    Jenni Kowsh • 2 years ago

    She looks like Faith Hill here

  • Annemarie Drez
    Annemarie Drez • 2 years ago

    what i try to live by....

  • Amy Jo Hagstrom
    Amy Jo Hagstrom • 2 years ago

    very true!!

  • Cindy Vann
    Cindy Vann • 2 years ago

    i thought that she looked like faith hill also!

  • Alisa Velasquez
    Alisa Velasquez • 2 years ago

    She's gorgeous!

  • Karen Ann
    Karen Ann • 2 years ago

    Too bad she doesn't live by that tenet when she is dissing lovers in her music. Just sayin'...

  • Emma Boley
    Emma Boley • 2 years ago

    she isn't dissing them

  • zer0isme (Myths n' Legends)

    how could such a nice quote brought up hatred? what a crazy world... just saying

  • Andrea Saxon
    Andrea Saxon • 2 years ago

    There is a difference in being mean to some one and expressing how you feel in a song. I don't know her personally but she has more talent than you people bashing her. Everyone in the world knows her name, not yours. ROCK ON TAYLOR!!!

  • Francine Fournier
    Francine Fournier • 2 years ago

    How could a few simple words bring so much negativity? No wonder the world is in such a sad state:(

  • Rebecca Eakes
    Rebecca Eakes • 2 years ago

    1. "Talent" is objective and is similar to "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". 2. You can't really claim that someone is "nice" or "sweet" unless you know them personally. 3. To say someone is "jealous" and doesn't like them because of their "talent" is completely ridiculous. If that were true, that person would hate too many people and that would be sad. I think it's a wonderful quote that is a good example to young people. It just sounds like a load of garbage coming out of her. This isn't meant to be hostile so if you are percieving it that way, I'm sorry. I think overall people are tired of her "poor me" and "good girl act". That's all. There are so many wonderful artists out there and everyone has the right to listen to whomever they prefer. I choose not to listen to her and others do. That's fantastic. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and to not be judged or attacked for it.

  • Andrea Saxon
    Andrea Saxon • 2 years ago

    That's right. Everyone does have a right to their own opinion and she is simply stating hers in her songs and in this quote. No on forces you to listen to it and I am sure no one bashes you for making that choice. Bashing her for this quote and her music makes you the hypocrite.

  • Giovanna Greeff
    Giovanna Greeff • 2 years ago Yes...She's definitely a girl that I want to look up to. She may have grown from that moment but she never admitted any wrong doings in her past. I don't like her because you see her true colors in songs and interviews where she bashes people.

  • Rebecca Eakes
    Rebecca Eakes • 2 years ago

    Wow! Thanks Andrea. Just because I don't choose to listen to her music doesn't mean I don't get tortured with it during the day. Sadly the local station that is pg enough to play in an office environment loves to play her every hour on the hour. As for the bashing, I didn't bash anyone for listening to her. I was saying for someone who pretends to be a goody girl, she goes through quite a few men and then brags about bashing in her music. So no, I'm not a hypocrite, but thanks anyway.

  • Michel Murphy
    Michel Murphy • 2 years ago

    Does she identify these ex-boyfriends by name in her songs?

  • Rebecca Eakes
    Rebecca Eakes • 2 years ago

    Most of them yes. For the others, she said she uses some codes where the first letter of the words in the lyrics spell the name.

  • Andrea Saxon
    Andrea Saxon • 2 years ago

    Haha. You're welcome! I love how people get so worked up over this crap. Have a nice day. :)

  • Rebecca Eakes
    Rebecca Eakes • 2 years ago

    I will, thank you. I'm going to the gym to get my workout on with my favorite person and it's a beautiful day!! I hope you have a great day as well.

  • Patience Ward
    Patience Ward • 2 years ago

    Taylor is one of the few artists that became popular that I still liked afterwards. I'm not the biggest fan of her music, but I love her as a person because she really does live this quote of hers. She has not let fame turn her into a bad person; she hasn't stopped being good. The harsh words in some of these comments don't change that. Actually, to the people who made those comments: Maybe you should pay more attention to the quote than to the person that the quote came from, because clearly you aren't being very good to people.

  • Liz Westman
    Liz Westman • 2 years ago

    Pretty sure she's the one that got bashed and dissed first when these guys have lied, and cheated on her, so she has EVERY RIGHT to say something about them, and she's not afraid to say it in a song in front of millions of people. She made 15 million dollars last year on her Fearless Tour so before any of you have something negative to say about her, wait until you have 15 million dollars in your bank, otherwise, it's all irrelevant.

  • Kelly Hamblin
    Kelly Hamblin • 2 years ago

    is it me, or does she look a LOT like Faith Hill in this picture????

  • Ann MacLeod
    Ann MacLeod • 2 years ago

    We all have some more time to live and if there is any fault in any of us it is thus. It is a choice and I choose to love her as I do most people. Why make it anything else?

  • Laurie
    Laurie • 2 years ago

    I love Taylor! Great quote.

  • Jiwesh Kumar
    Jiwesh Kumar • 2 years ago


  • Michael Karp
    Michael Karp • 2 years ago

    Thats why she needs $80 million to herself... right?

  • Michel Murphy
    Michel Murphy • 2 years ago

    I had no idea Taylor Swift was such a polarizing figure. Cynicism is alive and well.