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oh how true this is indeed

oh how true this is indeed

Got 2 Wear Shades: April 2012

Echo ☼ Echo ☼ Echo ☼ Acknowledge yourself & others and send out Love Song & Smiles ♫♥♪¨¯`♥ ¸.

So many times... Its ok I'm use to it an I'm sorry for not being want you wanted so u can go try to have a happy life.

It sucks feeling like I'm not good enough and feeling like most of what happens is some how my fault. I feel so guilty about everything, and I try my best to do what is right.

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same." ~ The Fray in the song: 'All At Once' - Just what I needed

@Devin Pollard <3

I feel like I don't deserve him. He does make me happy. So happy. And he makes me feel beautiful.

don’t ask me why I’m treating you cold, I’m not. I just quit trying and expecting. I’m tired of getting my hopes up and being disappointed. some people really need to read this one.

All it takes it a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.