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GTO's 4 Evah. I love this picture of them. So much stylishness and fun it makes my eye hurt.

Almost Famous (2000) - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb

Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson reunite for Slim Dunlap benefit track - Gimme Noise

charlie and the chocolate factory

John Cusack - Say Anything...

Chris Cornell... LOVE him... and his voice

Kris Kristofferson

Sam Elliott ~ Roadhouse - Sam Elliott and Patrick Swayze - it doesn't get any better!

St. Elmo's Fire * 1980s film about leaving college, starring integral members of the Brat Pack.

Claire Danes starred as Angela Chase in the short-lived TV teen drama, which earned her an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe. And Jared Leto, who played Jordan Catalano, gave viewers a reason to swoon.

Famously known as an anthem to the Gen-X culture and style, the film Reality Bites became a classic starring Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller (who also directed the film.)

Pamela Des Barres

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

The Replacements

Paul Westerberg - My favorite

Just Keep Livin....

Just keep livin' Sure be alot cooler if you did.


Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

Axl rose, he was so good looking when he was young!!

My fave back in '78...

Joe Strummer

Almost Famous - Penny Lane

Andy Warhol