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  • Hannah Koehler

    Its a hedgehog!!! So cute. Not to mention the adorable thing has a strawberry hat..... no big deal.

  • Michelle Suttle

    You know... Just a hedgehog w/ a strawberry hat. I really want another pet Hedgie... I miss my Audry :(

  • Marie Mellon

    Cute Hedgehogs

  • Kerribear17

    You know... Just a hedgehog w/ a strawberry hat, reading the paper.

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how is sonic a hedge hog? He makes them seem so hard core... they are precious little lazy pups! ♥

omg a hedgehog, my sister use to own these lil guys! they are so cute, and watching them swim in your bathtub is hilariously adorable! i want one!

This is probably the cutest thing ever

I own two hedgehogs and love them, this is a mommy and her babies! I hope mine will have babies soon :)

This cat adopted some baby hedgehogs, if you're having a bad day, these pictures will definitely help make it better!