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As a child growing up, I remember seeing air balloons taking off in the field behind our house every summer. So this has been a dream of mine to take a ride in a hot air balloon.

10 Ways to Limit Technology in Your Home

Is your family experiencing technology overload? You may need to implement some LIMITS on technology in your home. These 10 practical tips have made a huge impact on creating a HEALTHY BALANCE of SCREEN TIME for my kids and me!

Gifts for birth and labor

Dad, if you want to give her a gift she'll never forget, sit down and write a love letter or thank-you note for being the mother of your new child. Don't know what to say? Start with all the reasons you love and appreciate her. Tell her why you'd marry her all over again. Describe how you felt the moment your child came into the world and your hopes for the future. Have the note waiting for her with a huge bouquet of flowers when she gets home from the hospital.

list of wedding anniversary traditions and symbols... Today is my 5 year anniversary..I got to spend it with my hubby at the Doctor since Im sick :( but it has been a fun day with him! :)

Autism Speaks has a huge list of apps that benefit children with Autism. You can search by ratings, and subject. It's really cool. take a look! #autismapps #autismapp

Staying Cal when your child does not

For my daughters (and son in laws and yes, sons, too) : Timeline of Postpartum Recovery. This will help y'all better understand what's going on!