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After baby (even if baby is now 4 years old). This workout will tap into the deep abdominal muscles that will pull in your waistline like a corset. Do these moves one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat once.

The Abs After Baby Workout Program includes 10 yoga moves to tightening and strengthening your core as well as a killer workout that targets your abs.

Healing your "mummy tummy" :-) Diastasis Recti: how to heal from having kids and get your abs back together. I didn't know that you can actually get a separation between your abdominal muscles which will constantly cause the "pooch" and crunches could actually worsen the gap. There are exercises here that will help to strengthen your core and make that gap smaller.

you can help to tighten your flabby arms by.... (but remember the fat has to come off everywhere you can't focus on a specific body area to spot reduce)

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Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About Napping

Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About Napping

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The Little Black Dress Workout: Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy in 4 Weeks

The Little Black Dress Workout: Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy in 4 Weeks. With a title like that how could you not try this!

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The Power Abs Workout

Melt the Muffin Top...The Power Abs Workout


Turn On, Tune In, Tone Up

The lazy girl workout, timed for a 30 min tv show with commercials. This is ridiculous and possibly perfect. No excuses now!!!

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Formula Mom - Fitness Friday: 5 Ways to Workout with Baby

workout with baby


Wanna Do a Split? 9 Poses to Make It Happen

Increase flexibility- 8 stretches for splits. Great for tight hips and hamstrings.

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Effective New Exercise Moves

Deep abdominal muscles...pulls in your waistline.


The 10 Best Exercises to Reduce a Double Chin

slim your chin; tone your lower face muscles, jawline, and neck


A 400-Calorie Treadmill Workout That Targets Your Butt

burn almost 400 calories in 32 minutes: run at speed 7 for one minute. then, walk on 15 incline speed 4, for 3 minutes. repeat 8 times. it also will keep your body burning fat long after you've finished working out. intervals are actually better than running for a straight period of time.