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Pumpkin hammock - Each pumpkin vine had been trained up a metal pole, its lone fruit deposited on the net for safekeeping. The pumpkins, poised over a Lilliputian garden world (“hills of parsley, valleys of lettuces, rivers of origanum”), are meant to symbolize the daily course of the sun.

Pumpkin Growing tips: Tipe # 5 lant your Pumpkins with Companions Squash bugs are the #1 killers of pumpkin vines. To help repel them from your pumpkin plant, plant some companion plants near your pumpkin plant. Catnip, radishes, nasturtiums, marigolds, petunias and mint are all plants that squash bugs do not like and will keep squash bugs from the growing pumpkins.

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Vertical Gardening Inspiration

great use of space --> vertical gardening ideas with wooden fence #diy #garden