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Fix Barbies hair

Quick and simple trick to help your girls How to Fix Barbie Hair ~ Set up a doll hair salon. My girls love this simple trick , and it totally works!
  • Marieta Greyling

    How to fix frizzy barbie hair. Someday I will be glad I pinned this. And I really wish I knew this when I was a kid.... But my little girls one day will know what to do... :)

  • Jessica Hamilton

    How to fix frizzy barbie hair. This worked great on a matted, frizzy haired Barbie the girls found at a garage sale. I didn't have fabric softener, so I just made the water soft with baking soda and washing soda. I soaked it, then rinsed it. Then I washed it with a bit of dish soap because it was leaving a film. Soft, silky Barbie hair was left! Girls were impressed my skillz.

  • Sarah Alford

    How to fix frizzy barbie hair. Taylors barbie dolls hair is out of control.

  • Kate Alderman

    How to fix frizzy barbie hair. How do kids just ruin a doll's hair?

  • Samantha Feldmann

    Wish we knew this years ago! How to fix frizzy Barbie hair - or any doll hair. The secret ingredient is fabric softener!

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Wish i knew this years ago! How to fix frizzy barbie hair. Someday I will be glad I pinned this.

Barbie Salon - Fix Barbies Frizzy Hair - I know some Barbies around here who are going to be getting this spa treatment.

  • Tiffany Holdgreve

    Erin Tucker I've done this with Barbie dolls in the past and it did help, hot tap water is the key.

Fix Barbies Hair. How to get Barbie's hair under control. If you have a little girl who brings a barbie to you and says, mommy can you fix her hair, you will appreciate this:)

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A small spray bottle with 2 TBSP of fabric softener, the rest water = "Doll Hairspray." Easy method for smoothing and renewing any doll's hair.

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glitter on wood... or anywhere else, i guess?

Want to fix horrible barbie hair?!!! Well so easy simply “dunk” her hair in really hot water for about 30 seconds and towel dry,brush until it looks nice, trim if necessary. Awesome it is fixed, not perfect but soooo much better!

  • Tabitha Taylor

    Omg this is great

  • Carolina Prada

    You know we did it in every single one of my girls barbies and it was amazing! They wont be perfect but it is a huge improvement! And we used it for those little ponies as well.

How to fix frizzy barbie hair - brush as best you can then soak Barbie's hair in really hot water for about 10 mins, remove dry and brush again.

  • Karyn Essex

    I wish this worked on my hair!!!! Hahaha

  • Berni Miller

    I first washed her hair in No More Tears (and Tangles) shampoo. Then used the hot water 20 minutes and then combed out.