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Abstract Pattern by Ashley Edwards, using photographs and simple shapes...

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collage / cur3es!

Illustration // Cocktails

Velveteen endpaper VELVETEEN RABBIT (1922) William Nicholson

mustaches are all the rage.

Rusty Vintage Style Air Sign

F. Scott Fitzgerald books - my fav

John Whitlock

Traditional Japanese hemp-leaf pattern -Asanoha fabric. Via, Nekineko on Flickr

Totem screen print by Paper Wasp. I like that the bunni is at the top

Limited Edition Giclee print taken from a papercut

Arrows will forever be associated with the Hunger Games in my mind. That, and Legolas, of course.

isolation by Skinny Ships : Richard Perez, via Flickr | pink and blue snow storm on a cabin in the woods

Bear in the Woods - illustration by Frida Clemens. (I created an illustration board finally just to add this. It's not 'art' and not 'design' but a perfect mix.)

Teardrop Drawing ~ dear pumper nickel

Blatz.... Pee in a Can... Well, not really THAT good! Blatz, the beer that made drinking out of the toilet a viable option!

Love everything about this. Except perhaps the contents, which are probably a bit flat by now.

Supermundane Exhibition Flyer

challenge by Ooli Mos, via Flickr