What part of this isn't adorable? It didn't make me laugh, but it definitely made me smile!


I love this picture...it means so much to me and my family, my grandfather actually knew this little girl and we have a orig. print of this picture alon with a picture of my grandfather and this little girl hugging :) RIP Gramps

funny animals


One of my favorite photos of a child and an animal. This needs no clever caption - it just overflows with so much joy.


girl in washtub with dog


~ precious

oh my.


Lovely Puppys

looks like me as a child.

eeee the cuteness

Omg so chubby

What a cute little boy

This is the most awesome photo!! I was that little girl playing in the mud! I always loved my dogs so this photo fits!: Animals, Dogs, Immune System, Pet, Children, Puppy, Kids, Photo, Friend

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Baby helping baby, too cute <3