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    Paris cat

    "Cats like doors left open in case they change their minds." - Rosemary Nisbet

    The tabby cottage cat's window!

    Lovely kitty and lace curtains

    Window of Time She sits at the window frozen in time. What does she really see? Ghosts from the past a thousand years old creatures we don't understand. Tail twitching, body poised not moving an inch mesmerized by the world outside. * * * Night after night at the window of time what stories unfold out of sight?Patricia Walter 1999

    We gotta get outta here!

    lol awkward window cat. I'm gonna put it in your window

    curious cat..

    Because I'm all about those cats.

    cats and windows

    nap time

    The inevitability of a cat and a window--kitty watching the snow fall: Snow Fall, Cats, Animals, Winter, Kitty Kitty, Windows, Kittens, Photo


    you humans bore me

    look at that tail!


    Barn cats

    Cats peeking through a blue window

    Artists and their CATS.