curious cat..

seeya :) #cat

Paris cat

Window of Time She sits at the window frozen in time. What does she really see? Ghosts from the past a thousand years old creatures we don't understand. Tail twitching, body poised not moving an inch mesmerized by the world outside. * * * Night after night at the window of time what stories unfold out of sight?Patricia Walter 1999

Adorable kitty enjoying the morning air from a blue window frame

The cottage cat's window! ♡...

Lovely kitty and lace curtains

We gotta get outta here!

"Cats like doors left open in case they change their minds." - Rosemary Nisbet | from

such a beauty

tuxedo cat in window

the simple country life

Cool Cat.


Beautiful photo

.most beautiful cat ever.

window cat

cat in the window

* * > Cats may walk by themselves, but there may be times when they need our help.==== KITTEN: " Me thinks me be lost. Nuthin' looks familiar."