"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early

I used this touch light during small reading groups, when the light is on students cannot approach me or interrupt. When the light is off they can ask questions which is usually when I transition between groups. My kids loved it and it was only $1 at the dollar tree! Great for homeschool if you need to finish a task or make a call!

Primary Possibilities: Positive Behavior Rewards SECRET STUDENT--so much fun, Love this idea! I wonder if something like this would work for high schoolers?

At open house parents put their wish for the year in it.... Tells a lot.

The Early Finisher Board consists of seven sections: Read It, Write It, Solve It, Make It, Do It, Draw It and Journal It. Each section consists of a fun activity that students can take to their desk and complete.

Jeté de des sous contrôle, plus besoin de se faire toute la classe à 4 pattes sous les tables pour les ramasser, Grandiose! trucs# et astuces# en maternelle#

Quiet critters come out when it's quiet and sit on the desks of quiet kids!

This is a "Shout Out Wall" where kids can shout out their success in school, home, work or activities

My 2nd graders made these adorable "selfies" for their parents to see at conferences. Needless to say, they were a hit!

Montessori activity trays at AlenaSani homeschool and early education supply store.

birthday gift for students - I don't know if you do school on their birthdays, but this is cute if you do

All about me bag: beginning of the year Heel leuk om de kids van je groep te leren kennen én om elkaar te leren kennen. Vul als leekracht ook zo'n "zak" en je hebt een mooie start voor de eerste schooldag!

quiet spray - genious!

For notes, lunch money, etc. Love this because you always have kids coming to you every morning with different things to give you!

Classroom Behavior Management visual representation perfect for music classrooms or elementary classrooms. Students go up or down depending on behavior choices.

Student autobiographies..love this for the first week of school. Possibly have 2 writing samples one from beginning of year and one from the end?

Freebie from TPT! Golden Tickets....hide these in rarely-read library or classroom books to offer a surprise to the reader! Fun motivational tool.

Schoolhouse Divas: How to Motivate Your Students (and Kids)

Cartolines de couleur plastifiées, petites pinces à linge, et hop, bel affichage pour les productions des élèves !

LEGO® 'Time Teacher' Watch & Activity Clock available at #Nordstrom

Paint like Michelangelo! What a great idea! Renassiance unit maybe?