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Awesome and still relevant. c. 1920 Suffrage Flyer MHS Collections. (via Missouri History Museum)

A powerful story of overcoming obstacles…

"Get the hell ot of my race and give me those numbers." After realizing a woman was running Boston marathon organizer Jock Semple went after Kathrine Switzer. Other runners blocked him and she went on to finish the race. 1967 (five years later, women were

Community Post: 13 Most Racist Things At The Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia

Tree Branch Necklace - "Out on a Limb" in sterling silver

The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

An American sailor passionately kisses a nurse as thousands jam into Times Square to celebrate the long-awaited victory over Japan in World War II.

The day the women went on strike

Seit 1976 gibt es in Island ein Gesetz gegen geschlechterspezifische Lohndifferenzierung.