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Dark blue skinny jeans. White, flowy top. black strappy heels. Black earrings. Black bracelet. Black bag. Cute outfit dressed up OR dressed down..

Polyvorefrom Polyvore

Bleeding Hearts contest #2

cute dark but cute shirt nice jacket very nice jeans so cute then that red belt love it shoes cut it be cuter if it didnt have the thing that goes across the strap

Polyvorefrom Polyvore

your bf will have bragging rights. :)

"your bf will have bragging rights. :)" by carlalanwhite ❤ liked on Polyvore

The shirt is long but that works because of the jeans the design on the shirt is amazing cause its grey and the shoes are grey so it makes the grey pop a little more then the black skinny jeans go with the long shirt and the black purse that is perfect cause of the black sweater and the fact that its long makes it better my rate is a 9.5 comment ur rate or what u think

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Untitled #186

Ido not wear animal print but these little touches i like. Leopard Sandals- Bracelet Cluster with Leopard. Heart Necklace & Bow Small Necklace

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Casual Day

Cute! I love everything about this outfit!

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~Leather Necklace~

Simple and cute!