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Style 50Sfashion

Classic Photos

Postwar Ladies

Vintage Pinups

Roebuck Photo

Vintage Art

Lynn Roebuck, photo by Bruno Bernard

Cover ️

Marilyn Magazine Covers News

Magazines Marilyn Monroe

Magazine Cover S

Marilyn Covergirl

Movie Magazines

Covers News Clips

Norma Jeane on the cover of Teen-Age Diary Secrets magazine, October 1949, USA. Photo by Bruno Bernard, 1945.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Red and White Cole of California Vintage Swimsuit-MINT CONDITION

Vintage Swimsuits

One Piece Swimsuits

California Swimsuit

Retro Swimsuits

Vintage Suit

Red and White Cole of California Vintage Swimsuit - vintage

Hollywood Glamour

Greta Garbo

About 1920S

Movie Stars

Roaring 20S

Hair Style


Greta Garbo, c. 1920's. Hollywood glamour

Vintage Swimsuits

Vintage Fashion

Swimsuits 1957

1950S Swimwear

1950S Fashion

Swimsuit from Glamour Magazine, 1957

Classy Smartassy

Sassy Smartassy

Classy Sassy

Vintage Retro

Vintage Photo


Sassy Pants

Sassy Classy

Stay Sassy


Head Costume

Hollywood Costume

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Designer Edith Head

Edith Head Fashion

Edith Head

Hat Fashionable

Fashionable 1910S

1920S Hats

Vintage Style

1910S Vintage

What an eye-catchingly lovely ensemble. Love the hat!


Vintage Fashion

Mellow Yellow

Vintage Yellow

Hello Yellow


Yellow Love

Dress Vintage

70S Halston

Halston 70S

Vintage Dress

Vintage Halston Dress 70s Sequin Beaded Long Gown

Vintage Camera

Vintage Fashion

1970S Style

1970S Fashion

Black White

Vintage Photo

Vogue 1972

1920'S Lifestyle

20S Obsessed

1920S Men S

1920S Men'S

1920S Lifestyle

River 1920S

1920 S Lifestyle

1920S Street

U.S. A man sitting by a river, 1920s / Flickr by Steve Given

Beaton Holding

Photos Cecil

Vintage Fashion

Age 17

Beaton Age

Cecil Beaton - Miss Nancy Beaton Holding a Daisy, Age 17 (1926)

Vintage 1950

Feather Print

Cute Dresses

1950S Anne

Vintage Dress

Vintage Style

that is so pretty!

Vintage Fashion

1960S Fashion

Glamour Girls

1960S Lunch

Angela Howard

1960S Hair

Wilhelmina 1960

Glamour Girls. <3 1960

Jacques H Lartigue

Blackandwhite 1920S

Photography Art

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Fashion Photography

Lartigue Photos

She's thoroughly - beautifully - protected from the sun. #vintage #1920s #umbrella #flapper #beach #summer

Etsyfrom Etsy

Perfectly simple and adorable 50s style Polka dot Chiffon dress

50S Style


1950'S Dress

Vintage Dress

Vintage Style

Vintage Polka dot elegance

Vintage Fashion

Mcbratney Irish

50S Fashion

Vintage Dress

Slate Blue


Vintage Style

May 1955.

Head Scarfs

Vintage Gypsy



Evelyn Brent

Vintage Photos


Gloria Swanson 1924

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage 1950s Wiggle VEGAS Retro Early 1960s Womens Rockabilly Mad Men DRESS

Dress Vintage

Vintage 1950S

Vintage Dresses

1950S Wiggle Dress

Wiggle Dresses

Vintage Fashion 1950S

50S Dresses

Vintage 1950s Wiggle dress

1930S Deco

1930S 1940S Inspiration

Vintage Fashion

1930S Fashion

1930S Lucien

Vintage Dress

1930S Gowns

1936. Hollywood glamour