Love this couch!

Lived-In Basement Seating | 19 Couches That Ensure You'll Never Leave Your Home Again

Eternity bed for all the pets and family.

pillow room: don't spend money on couches or lounge chairs and buy a really nice movie screen.

hmmm, get rid of the sofa & get some free pallets, etc....relaxing

Wrap the couch in bookcases instead of end tables


dog bed

Need to do this in our new home. Everyone needs this in their laundry room. Perfect for the OCD mommy!


Sleepover room. Coolest thing ever!

Instead of a bar, go for a cafe. So cute!

I chose this furniture because I like how big it is. It is very nice to have people over an entertain. Also looks very comfy and has storage space in the back. Multifunctional!

Couch that is 55'' deep. That's deeper than a twin bed. So amazingly comfy for napping and snuggling and movie watching. -- cozy! basement?

Love this idea for a bed.

Reclaimed Wood Couch Arm Table

couch bed in one!

Blue Velvet Couch | Living Room | Home Decor

Basement ideas