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    Goodness. I love how he probably doesn't even know how much this picture has affected us lol

    All the time

    Haha true!!

    Yes every time!

    So True

    Every time :D

    It's funny cause its true.

    I'm a directioner

    I do this all of the time

    They need us>>>> IM SO PROUD! I'm a proud Directioner!

    This was me the whole time

    if your a directioner u no how important this is


    Lol. how directioners think .

    one directioner said: Ummm, this just happened when I was about to pin something... I guess you know you're a Directioner when...<----thiss

    I mean... Yeah, it's true... oh lux...

    All the time>> Bahahahahaha paulways watching

    I think every directioner can agree to the fact that we all need these. I would even say,"Thank you for the warning, Uncle PSY MAHN" Lol

    Sure, they may party a lot and Zayn smokes, but I'd rather them be real. People need to realize FAME has NOT changed them ♥

    "why do you love zayn"