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  • Marilyn Levitt

    Inspiring picture chocolate, dementors, funny, harry potter, sad. Resolution: 500x583 px. Find the picture to your taste!

  • Mariel

    when you're sad, just remember that's ya the dementor's fault and it is perfectly fine to eat CHOColate #quote #dabest #food #harrypotter #potterhead #potterquote

  • Jess Scragg

    Harry Potter quote on sadness #harrypotter

  • Vicky Joyce

    Harry Potter (I will remember this always! lol)

  • Lana Hayes

    I believe that we all encounter "dementors" at some point in our life. Not the black skeletal ghosts you see in the movie, but things that suck every ounce of joy from your life if you allow them to. Don't let the "dementors" win! Cast your patronus ( focus on the positive) and eat chocolate. Chocolate makes everything easier to deal with.

  • Julia Allen

    Harry Potter. So true. Chocolate solves everything.

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The best one is the reaction to Dumbledore's bit about the third-floor corridor.

The argument is over. Because I am sick of this Harry Potter vs. Twilight crap. Lord of the Rings was there kickin ass and takin names a long ass time ago before all this crap.

Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.

No. Twilight is not awesome. Nor will it ever be awesome. It will fizzle out into nothingness while J.K. Rowling's series will live on in the lives of our children and their children and the many generations to come.

That awkward moment when Alan Rickman is actually a nice guy unlike his character... But I love this :D

funny harry potter quotes | Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 42 Pics

I just love the last sentence hahahaha! Can I point out that Hermione also did magic without her wand...

I cant! XD more funny pics on facebook:

That is a funny picture show us about a lot of people that when they watch a movie or something like it they merge with it and they feel like its real so they ashamed there friends .

Well said. Why Harry Potter is not just a, "Children's Series". It baffles me when people don't get why I love this series so much. It's not just because of the magic and the characters! These books teach you something REAL and touch you in a very real way. They aren't just books, they are the truth of the world. I value everything these books have taught me and I'm better for having read them.

Exactly! Add a few more series to this......*dumps Barnes and Nobles on top* there we go that just about does it