Rachel Higham might want to wear sunglasses with her nail art. This gold inspired nail art is not only awesome but it’s also blinding. Such a cute idea for summer.

Gold Ombre.

Nail Designs for Short Nails

studded nails


Gold nails

'Enchanted Blush' I must find this

pink gold & nude

Gold and blue gradient nails



Burgundy and gold


Royal blue and gold nails


ombre nails


gold V

gold & blue nail art

i love the colors!!

HOW-TO: First you paint a regular coat of dark polish all over your nail. Quickly put a few small dots of lighter polish on your nail while everything is still wet. Swirl them together to create a marble effect with either a fine brush, a toothpick or a needle. Easy! The more you mix them together the more subtle the design will be, the less you touch it the more dramatic it will be.