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Birth Flowers for Husband sons and me ;)

You saved me from a life of searching for you... I'm so happy we found each other and can begin our life together!!!

My boys initials... First tattoo (wrist) ❤️

12 cool tattoo ideas for parents beyond a name on your back

Tattoo ideas for parents | Name and arrow tattoo on Yvonne V.

6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You'

For my husband, @mobleydr I want you to know because you don't hear it enough or from those you should... I am so proud of you and all that you are and all that you have done and all that you will do!!! I see how hard you work and I couldn't be prouder!!!

Miss you every single day

Baby Name Tattoos You'll Fall In Love With

I never wanted to.. I still don't. You were my everything Robbie ♥♥♥

Initial Tattoo Designs And Ideas-Initial Tattoo Pictures And Letter Tattoos

I want to get this on my left arm, with my son's/husband's initials (all 3 of us have M's and G's. Left arm is closest to my heart.