Cuchillo para picar CHOP KNIFE - Normann Copenhagen

Stealth knifes

Yolkr, el nuevo must-have en tu cocina. El empresario Hamish Dobbie (Nueva Zelanda) nos ofrece este práctico accesorio para separar claras y yemas de la forma más fácil.

Dump A Day Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Sold On Amazon That Every Kitchen Needs

Chef's Spatula and Servers / Normann Copenhagen #utensilios

Set para servir ensaladas, precioso

Colored Kitchen Knife Block Set

Finger guard

Utensilio con un diseño genial para cortar el ajo muy muy finito

Rolling herb cutter

Flip 'n' Pour Container // perfect for yogurt, cereal etc. to keep dry and moist food separate until you're ready to combine + eat! #product_design #kitchen

Maple Knife Set - The Federal

Pineapple corer - genius! Kitchen #product_design

Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer // creates beautiful, perfect slices of avocado in one easy motion for sandwiches, salads & snacks.

21 Totally Appropriate Silicone Inventions

Perfect Pie Divider //

Vegetable Steamer // So much better than the classic steel steamer... this one is made from heat-proof non-toxic silicone, and even rolls up for storage! #product_design #industrial_design

Nos gusta el color! | 6-Piece Knife Set Multi

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