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cutest thing weve ever seen! This French Bulldog puppy is so cute, it actually hurts. Add a kiss with this new baby and it might be illegal.

One day I will have a big dog but currently I love the crap out of my baby.

a sweet Golden Retriever wondering why there is something fluttering on his nose

Pitbulls. They are certainly not cold-hearted killers. That title belongs to the sick freaks that exploit them. Pit bulls are smart, loyal, cuddly, family dogs that deserve love and respect and most of all, a family to call their own.( I was raised w pit bulls and us kids had a ball w our pit bull dog, we as kids would ride him do all kinds of things to our loving Bull may he RIP

Irish wolfhound.. Had to do a double look. Lol, the big dog is in the little dogs bed bc the little dog took its bed!

theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

Life’s tough, get a dog (40 Photos)

House call

This is so adorable! More Donuts Hole, Funny Dogs, Sweet, Tiny Puppys, Pet, Human Society, Mr. Big, Big Dogs, Little Dogs Sweet and Funny Dogs - dogs Photo Puppies!!#pet girl #pet boy #Cute pet| tiny puppy sleeping over big dog So sweet. Edmonton Humane Society little dog and a big dog <3 oh my sweet goodness... I have always love donut holes Check more at