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    • Karen Pierce

      My all time favorite book and movie. In 1936 Margaret Mitchell publishes Gone with the Wind. Three years later it hits the silver screen, starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.

    • Celia Sanchez


    • Alex Waterman

      "Gone with the Wind" #gonewiththewind #mitchell #book #classic

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    Following the death of her husband, Wyatt Earp, in 1929, at the age of 63, Josephine Sarah Earp, who Wyatt called “Sadie,” spent a great portion of her life defending the old lawman’s reputation.

    Henrietta Lacks died in 1951; her cells lived on. She has contributed more to modern science than anyone all without consent or knowledge. Polio vaccine, Cancer research, AIDS research/vaccine, genetic mapping, 11,000 patents -- all from the HeLa cell line.

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    Jimmy Carter was the first president to be born in a hospital. He was born on October 1, 1924 at the Wise Sanitarium in Plains, Georgia – now the Lillian G. Carter Nursing Center – which is still in use today. Photo is of him, age 15, at a FFA Camp. (History By Zim)

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    1920's - Women began "bobbing" their hair. - "Tears and smelling salts accompanied the sacrifice as shorn cascades of crowning glories tumbled to the floors of barbershops. Men raged over the female invasion of the barbershop. In some cities, long lines of women were reported standing outside barbershops while inside, many women patiently sat on floors waiting their turn to be bobbed." In New York City, reports of up to 2,000 heads per day were being clipped.

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    Medical clothing worn during time of plague, 1819, Marseille. Plague Doctors would carry a stick or staff as part of their uniform to fend off any infected person who came to close.

    1895 . The first electrically lighted Christmas tree was displayed in the White House by First Lady Frances Cleveland. This event was instrumental in bringing the wonder of electric Christmas tree lighting to the general public's awareness. The tree was set up in the family room and library (today the Yellow Oval Room), and decorated with gold angels with spreading wings, gold and silver sleds, tops of every description, and lots of tinsel. Under the tree was a miniature White House and a dol...

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    Kim Phuc was pictured in a world-famous and iconic photograph from the Vietnam war, running naked from an airborne attack, horribly burned with napalm, in June of 1972. Since then, Kim has found peace, and a message she can offer, borne of her suffering. She runs The Kim Foundation International, and she acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO. She has transformed into a viable, visible symbol of peace and hope. Hers is an important story of resilience, courage, and forgiveness.

    The Great Galveston Storm of Sept. 8–9, 1900, was the worst natural disaster in U.S. history in terms of human life. Loss of life has been estimated at 6,000 to 8,000, but the exact number has never been determined.