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bella typeface

one of my favourite typefaces of the moment. "Bella Typeface" from British designer Rick Banks of Face Gorgeous french style, with a classic yet subtly trendy edge.

Anthony James Design | Gokú Typeface | Anthony James Design

Serif is when the characters in a font curve at the ends of character strokes. These make typefaces easier to read and are often used for large blocks of text. This is an example of a serif typeface.

"Peacock Script, Lower Case" by Nicole Lahy, graphic designer ("Based on the type I created out of paper for my thesis project during school.  Made out of paper & glued to foamcore.")

Peacock Script typeface by graphic designer Nicole Lahy. Based on the type the designer created out of paper for her thesis project. Made out of paper and glued to foamcore.

Juri Zaech Write a Bike. For you, @Andrea Roemhild Selbig and @Andrea Thorson

I want a bike that has my name on it! Write a Bike by Juri Zaech: Bicycle Typography.

QUINQUABELLE ou les imperfections parfaites!: Typographie

I don't think this type would be able to find a fitting home thank this one. Not meant for anything more than aesthetics, this type really gives a nice appeal to the boat.

F37 BELLA FONT I Designed in the classical French Didot style but with a contemporary geometrical twist. Due to the extreme thinness of the hairlines, it is recommended to use F37 Bella at display sizes only.

Oh Bella. I am leaning toward a real thick and thin stroke font for your identity. Mixed with a bit of the rawness of Fortune magazine.