The dry streambed of river rocks that seems to flow from one lawn-pond to the other in the upper, contemplative area of this small suburban backyard east of Seattle.

Add Curves Curving lines please the eye more than straight lines. They also help an area, such as a narrow side yard, feel larger. Click here for more tips to make your landscape seem more spacious

stone garden pathway...

DIY Dry Creek Beds • Wonderful Ideas and Tutorials!

Stone pathway

Lush and modern small backyard

Instructions to make a rock walkway in backyard

Ground Cover: Stone Pathway. Backyard, Amazing Backyard Landscapes for Small and Large Yards: Green Backyard Landscapes

Garden path of rocks and the stepping stone made from a leaf mold.

Backyard Gardens. Hang plants from tree branches.....

Beautiful lawn design.

This is a great use of a small space

ShadeScaping / Stone path to woodland area - This picture shows a homeowner's rock pathway filled with shade loving ferns and smaller perennials.

Beautiful garden path. - Style Estate -

dry creek bed

Using Ornamental Grasses in Your Garden


A simple clean landscape with stepping stones and river rock make this a low maintainace landscape.

Pampas Grass Mix

Stone path