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    • Mindy Meikle Hill

      Ha Ha Love this!!! As someone who was always looking for the easy way, and FINALLY realized.... there isn't, you gotta work for it!!!

    • Lauren Crumby

      So sick of seeing all the "try this! This really works!" in my news feed. This just helps me say it!!

    • Mandi Helmink

      I KNEW THERE HAD TO BE A PIN THAT SAID THIS!!! Stop looking for a quick fix people!!!! Eat right and exercise ... e n d o f s t o r y

    • Debbie Smithers

      Note to self. This is not the case for everyone, but in my case the post fits. I love myself no matter what size I am, but thank goodness, I lost 30 lbs recently. I feel 100% better. Blood pressure down and I am not testing as borderline diabetic!!!

    • Monique Bowen

      No offense to the people who spend their whole paycheck on skinny wraps, shakes, meal plans, supplements, sensa, or whatever else...but this is still the best way to lose weight!! No shortcuts people, AND its cheaper.

    • Courtney Lockridge

      so sad that there just aren't any secrets....i know what I have to do, I just don't want to do it!!!

    • Adrienne Valdiviez

      exactly. quit with the 'detox' or 'lose 10 lbs in 10 days diet' that already pictures someone who is clearly starved for real food.

    • Brett Cole

      ha. doesn't matter if you work out 7 days a week it WILL NOT work if you don't eat right.

    • Diana Juarez-Rios

      Here's a weight loss secret you can pin There are no secrets. STOP eating garbage and get off your a**

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    Great to Remember


    SO TRUE :)

    sooo truuue.

    Very true




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    So true!

    If I could spend half as much time working out as I do sitting on my ass at WORK (which is where I PIN!) I wouldn't need a weight loss board! HAHA!

    this needs to be posted everywhere!

    LOL!!! Yup, so true!!!

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