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    Fully functional vacuum USB helps keep your desk neat. Definitely know a few people who should use this!

    • Ashley McInnes

      Messy desk? Well, this tiny retro-designed USB Desk Vacuum Cool tip/ Great Idea/ Want this now/ Cool tool/ Kitchen and Bedroom Gadgets/ Cool Tech Idea

    • Hot Gadgets Hub

      Messy desk? Well, this tiny retro-designed USB Desk Vacuum ($13.49) can’t help with the big stuff, but it can definitely help keep your workstation crumb-free! Just plug it into a free USB port and vacuum up those crumbs... and yes, the mini-vacuum handle tilts back, just like the real one. Cool, as in "clean." #USB #Desk #Vacuum #clean #gadgets #technology #product #innovation

    • Alexa Argerious

      USB Vacuum Cleaner! If you work at a desk, don't try and tell me you wouldn't use the crap out of this! How awesome!

    • Stacey (Peck) O'Malley

      O-M-G! Tiny USB Vacuum Cleaner! If you work at a desk, don't try and tell me you wouldn't use the crap out of this! @Rita Chekmeyan @Taleen Kanetchdjian @Marie McCartney

    • Kristina Hartley

      USB Vacuum Cleaner... because we don't already have enough stuff cluttering our desks!

    • Tiffany Windsor Cato

      USB Vacuum Cleaner... Could be the coolest thing I've ever seen! I want one.

    • Tee-Dubya

      Fully functional USB vacuum helps keep your desk clean! Secret Santa idea

    • Lisa-Iruna

      Mini vacuum cleaner powered by USB ! - Well Done Stuff !

    • Hannah Kubitschek

      USB Vacuum Cleaner! I love mini things!

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    Need one of these for the bed//or for the livingroom/tv/xbox/etc

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