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They are too adorable

They are too adorable << imagine being told in front of that many people that you are a bad kisser xD

please my heart can't take iy

The stars of Stranger Things joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show this…

When you realize you're too savage lol!!

When you throw salt and even you know you went to far<<The thing is, I read the caption before the image loaded and I immediately knew what the image was xDl

The Flash - Cisco, Caitlin, Barry and Felicity #1.8 #Season1

I laughed so hard at this part! :) ---- The Flash - Cisco, Caitlin, Barry and Felicity

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I only felt attracted to Steve when he started protecting my babies. So def would swipe right.

Bands lol

The same way some one tells me to stop talking about one direction thanks Mackenzie