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One of those Junglebook gigs with a different lineup on every song - here's me with Blue Movie, probably playing "Faster" or "Rattle the Cage".

Randy X of the McGuires and Keith Hennessey do their song "Madonnonna", which Randy said was an attempt to do a song "in the style of Junglebook".

The 1/2Fast Five, at the "Habit of Decision" "release" party at Nightbreak. L to R: Junglebook, Johnny Loud, Jim Hoadley, Dave Brian. Inverted: Rich Ferguson

The 1/2Fast Five / also known as the Board of Directors, Ox Cassettes, at the "Habit of Decision" 'release' party at Nightbreak, circa 1985. front: RIch Ferguson. Back, l to r: Junglebook, Jim Hoadley, Johnny Loud, Dave Brian

The 1/2Fast Five - also known as the executive board of Ox Cassettes. L to R: Junglebook, Dave Brian, Johnny Loud, Rich Ferguson, Jim. This picture also known as "The Urban Haircut Review". San Francisco, 1986

Dave adds some vocals and Rich beats out a rhythm during this Red English show - the only Red English show ever - at Graffiti back in 1985.