lady-oneiromancy: sensualfairytale: Edyta Górniak for Viva! magazine A victorian style dress AND a big black horse? Together? <3 two of my favourite things.


Horses cowboys

Through the stormy days, the dark horse continued to create a path back into the sunlight. He was unstoppable - unwavering In his pursuit of his God-given destiny.



Many guys find a girl who is horse crazy and wants to be around the horses all the time.The only problem with the guy is that he does like horses but preferes something different, and the girl ends up dumping him because he doesn't care to much for horses like her.



Beautiful. Horses running, Western, equestrian. Mustangs, wild, heste, dust, dusty, animal, powerful, intense, gorgeous, beautiful, photo b/w.

As far as I know, this breed, the Fresian, is a wonderful horse to have. So gentle an loving. This picture is awesome:)

Black, White, Gray and Grey. (dark horse)

just a girl and her horse

wanting this to be me...

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