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Cattail Typha selections Light:SunPlant Height:To 8 feet Type:Perennial,Water/Bog Plant Cattails provide a tall, textured background along the margins of a water garden and also serve as perches for small birds and.

I love cattails.  Always have.  We used to pick them while they were still firm, scrape off the brown fuzz and color them with crayons.

Cattails are a producer in the pond ecosystem. Others like muskrats eat them.

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They work amazingly in conjunction with chemotherapy, helping the body to recover from the damage chemo inflicts.


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Ladybug | Digital Painting by Veronica Minozzi

bellasecretgarden: Ladybugs By Veronica Minozzi (via Pin by Joanne McEwan on Life of a Lady Bug

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Marshes are defined as wetlands frequently or continually inundated with water, characterized by emergent soft-stemmed vegetation adapted to saturated soil conditions.

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