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  • Sarah Parker

    Running motivation ;) run like you stole something

  • Niki Myker

    Interval Training Workouts, lol will have to remember this

  • brittany mobley

    Marathon signs: run like you stole something

  • Sara Hunt

    My motto for my second round of half marathon training starts tomorrow! YIPEEE

  • Cassidy Anderson

    Run like you stole something! Someone needs to make me this sign. But for real...MY Motto

  • Amanda Mackay

    Great motivation for runners ESPECIALLY during Track and field season :) great track t-shirt MY UNCLE D ALWAYS SAYS DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT and this reminds me of him

  • Kimberly Bradshaw

    Hahaha, one of my favorite running quotes:) Run like you stole something :)

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