Set you camera to iso 400, the f/stop to 5.6 or so and do a 4 to 5 second exposure while having your subjects move the sparklers.

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slow shutter speed...WOW

wedding date with sparklers - wedding party photo

wedding sparklers a very romantic addition to your wedding photo's. Cute Wedding photo but I love Light Painting with my camera. Awesome idea

Bubbles, sparklers, and water balloons.. some super-creative engagement photo ideas!

Willow Branch Decor: Image via Pinterest. Rental includes hurricane glass vase and willow branches - Lighting not included.

A gorgeous wedding photograph. Get the bride and bridesmaids all together and get them to turn away from the camera for once. It gives you chance to appreciate the dresses! The perfectly round balloons are a fun/quirky touch. Creative wedding photography like this is going to look wonderful for years.

Picture Idea

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

I kinda of really want to do this shoot withsomeone A Colorful and Creative Engagement Session Using Bright Chalk Dust | Eugene, Or

Super cute couple poses!

Bridesmaid Picture!! Bride should have her ring on! wedding

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sparklers photo at an engagement session. Photos by - amazing photographer


Each Bridesmaid Has A Unique Set of Pearls

End of the night shot...

love this! | @nordstrom #nordstrom