Set you camera to iso 400, the f/stop to 5.6 or so and do a 4 to 5 second exposure while having your subjects move the sparklers.

wedding sparklers a very romantic addition to your wedding photo's. Cute Wedding photo but I love Light Painting with my camera. Awesome idea

Picture Idea


That light...

cute picture!

slow shutter speed...WOW

wedding date with sparklers - wedding party photo

Breathtaking photo under the veil!

love this!!

I haven't seen this photo before... I love it!

love this idea

It's a long exposure shot with sparklers All they had to do was stand there very still and someone else ran around them with a sparkler. it's like a fairy tale!

love this idea!


this would totally go with send off sparkler idea :)

Dear photographer, take this picture. Dear future husband, do this so the photographer can take this picture. ?


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5 Fun Wedding Photos. These are too cute.

little moments. I want my photographer to capture things like this.