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To my grandma. I don't know who or where I would be if it wasn't for having you in my life. You are my mother and I could never thank you enough. I pray my gratitude is enough.

Baby you are my euphoria!! I am never letting you go and I will do everything I can to make you want to stay.. I love you so much. When you find someone who can make you laugh. Smile. Grow. Lust. Want. Crave. Feel. Make you mad but happy. Keep that. That's euphoria.

Oh, So, So True...Glad I Found HIM!! Wonderful Quote!! I Love You, Alan!!

This so reminds me of my hubby and I. When we first met I don't think either of us expected to wind up getting married and being together forever but sometimes, when you least expect it, love finds you... <3

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This is one of the great lessons that my mom has been teaching me, since as long as I can remember. Along with, you have to give respect to get respect, no matter who it is. I love my M♡M'S amazing wisdom, and courageous spirit. ♥ I'm so blessed to be her daughter & best friend! ♥

So true... all these quotes about "True love sticking it out", never bring up someones self- esteem... great quote

shouldnt be this way. He should be apart of us all the time, not just when we have no one. But when we have no one, God is all we have left, and all we will ever have. He is too good to us!

Pana aici dar de aici incolo?from Pana aici dar de aici incolo?

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love quotes <3 THIS