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War and Crises, 1914-1948 - Vol.2: The Road to Free Trade - Volume 2: Warren L. Hickman: An amazing insight into policies during WWII and post war recovery.

A Sturmpanzer IV passes a disabled Tiger I whose crew is preparing it for towing by a Famo 9 ton halftrack. This photo was taken in the Anzio area.

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"The "Of Course I Can" poster was created by the U.S. War Food Administration in 1944 as part of the nationwide victory garden program. Victory gardens made an important contribution to the home-front effort by producing a significant amount of food (approximately 40 percent of the vegetables consumed in 1943) and by providing a way to contribute to the war effort for those who could not fight on the battlefield. "

This Hotchkiss shell was an early recovery from the Antietam Battlefield. Can also be seen in my book Civil War Artillery - A Pictorial Introduction. R. Jones collection.

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atavus: The Monuments Men of World War II The Monuments Men were a group of men and women from thirteen nations, most of whom volunteered had expertise as museum directors, curators, art scholars and educators, artists, architects, and archivists. The Monuments Men job description was simple: to save as much of the culture of Europe as they could during combat.

Soldier's eyeglasses in case. Recovered from the Spotsylvania, VA Battlefield. Very rare recovery when found complete. R. Jones collection.

"The victim who is able to articulate the situation of the victim has ceased to be a victim: he or she has become a threat." ...James Baldwin

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that’s too much. do you want to kill him? perhaps that is exactly what i intend, hmm? more cold war!aph. one major issue between the us and ussr was over how to treat Nazi Germany. The Soviets wanted extremely heavy reparations because they had suffered the most losses fighting the Germans. However, the US was opposed because it was pretty much thought that the heavy reparations from World War 1 led to the rise of Hitler to begin with.

James Doohan was to gain fame as Scotty on Star Trek. But on the outbreak of War in 1939 he joined the Royal Canadian Artillery serving as a lieutenant in 13th Field Regiment in the U.K. He landed on D-Day at Juno beach where late in the day he was seriously wounded being hit four times in a friendly fire incident. Evacuated to the U.K, on recovery he trained as an AOP pilot, and served as an artillery spotter from 1945 to the wars end flying Austers..

A veteran of the American Revolutionary War, the Continental gondola Philadelphia is the oldest intact warship currently on display in North America. After its recovery from the bottom of Lake Champlain in 1935, the fifty-four foot long Philadelphia, armed with three cannon and eight swivel guns, was moved to the newly constructed building housing what is now the National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution.