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I'm not only the President of the National Sarcasm Society.I'm also a member.

Sometimes I actually tell them :)

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Anything that has to do with shoes...

Wizard of Oz - the ultimate chick flick- two women trying to kill each other over shoes. no wonder I have always loved this movie!

That moment when you miss one step on the stairs, ans you think you're about to die.

This made me laugh so hard! I have fallen down the stairs at least 100 times in my life.I won't like a couple of those times was actually walking UP the stairs lol

putting myself on blast.

sorry random people who take my money at the grocery store for these days. It's my problem not yours. and I can admit that because today is not one of those days.

Mount Rushmore - as seen from Canada

Mount Rushmore from the Canadian side! Although there is no Canadian side to Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

hangry. an emotion I am all too familiar with.

hangry: a state of anger caused by lack of food (i'm def no fun when i'm hangry!) This is funny, i thought this only used with my Family!

Oh, suddenly *I'm* the bad guy.  :twirls mustache:

I hate it when you offer someone a sincere compliment ib their mustaches and sudden she's not your friend anymore.

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