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    An Art Exhibit That's Good to the Last Drop

    Gwyneth Leech has painted and drawn on 800 used paper coffee cups and hung them from fishing line in the glass-enclosed prow of the Flatiron Building. Her public art is now in its final days.
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    Walter Isaacson's bio of apple guru makes me wonder if buying the next new iPhone model is a mistake. The era is over, for better and for worse. Fascinating portrait. Steve Jobs

    Amber Dermont imagines a complex teen hero, facing the horrors of prep school society, in a book that bears comparison to Catcher in the Rye--but more contemporary: The Starboard Sea: A Novel

    Charles Mann synthesizes a lot of research and thinking about history in this eye-opening take on global interdependency--1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

    A pre-teen narrator faces the end of life as we know it: The Age of Miracles: A Novel (9780812992977): Karen Thompson Walker: Books

    Wendy told me about this one. Teacher alert!

    Lower Schuylkill is upper in my mind--I live not so far, and it has such great potential!

    A wealth of information in this obit, about a tradition nearly lost, then found.

    The print counter-revolution? An archive for printed books.

    A tale from history that rescues an 1800s African-American artist from obscurity.

    The boss woman on the boss.

    The CFEVA Intro 2012 at Moore College gets a nice review from Chip Schwartz in the Knight Foundation's blog.

    I want the full not-a-set!

    Love and economists at Wharton! Seems oxymoronic but it's a great story.

    Dotty Brown on Donald Drake's play, Choice, about dividing conjoined twins to save one of them. The picture is of C. Everett Koop, who had such a case on which the play is based, and who attended the reading at the Painted Bride.

    This is one crazy book, with lots of interwoven stories of people and their hidden pasts, amidst a milieu that includes the music industry falling down the toilet.

    Great book about the rise and fall of the Comanches, thanks to multiple forces of migration and technology. The mostly Texas history is a magnifying glass for the invasions of Indian lands. Duplicity and savagery on all sides.

    Your cell phone is a trove of info for evil commercial and political empires--more precautions than I could have imagined when traveling.

    Mat Tomezsko takes after the SugarHouse lifestyle at the Crane. --column by Monica Yant Kinney

    Pinned Image Karen Heller got me laughing this morning about the birth control brouhaha. As for the bishops, they're trying to distract their flock from kiddie abuse. Ach. I hate politics sometimes.