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My wrists, by the talented Stefan Sinclair of Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland. There is a little of Bugsy’s rose showing, and a tiny foot of my lovely boxing gent from Jess Swaffer showing too.

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Ideas For Adorable Matching Couple Tattoos - Cool symmetrical dotwork pieces by Rodrigo Brocchi.

I like the idea of the same pattern but upside down. Would be an awesome best friend tattoo idea.

Home-Made Tattoos by Miso - artnau | artnau

Home-Made Tattoos by Miso

miso: home-made tattoos: twin branch constellation on jacqueline / traded for a drawing. Awkward placement though

Feathers brings out your beauty and can give you wings! Design your accessories with touches of feathers, hair pieces, necklaces and accessories. Beautiful says PJ Feather Tattoo travel planning your way at Wild Side Destinations

Andrey-Svetov tattoo via Juxtapoz

Andrey Svetov: Master Tattooer

A few small fireflies like this with UV ink so they really glow :3

Honey-bee done by Andrew at Golden Eagle in Santa Barbara, CA Great Idea for my sister "B"

Stippling Tattoos by Kenji AluckySeptember 19, 2013

Japanese tattoo artist Kenji Alucky of Black Ink Power makes striking geometric tattoos using a distinctive stippling technique. Alucky is currently a guest artist at New York Adorned in New York city!

Double Mandala

Newest additions. Mandala or geometric flowers, MYV and dedicated to MIYAVI, and of course my roses. The mandalas are inspired by/replicated/based off of the talented Philippe Fernandez's original design.>>>> just like the placement of her tattoos

Like the back of my hand... Seriously want this! Only in a light brown

map of world globe wrist tattoo, the whole world in the palm of my hand map of world painted in palms of hands The world is in the palm of your hands thankful for world at your fingertips Thankful to have the world at my fingertips

almost unreadable tattoo fonts - Google Search

if i ever get a tattoo it would be something like this. Fideli Certa Merces= "to the faithful, reward is certain". Seriously, i have never wanted a tattoo so bad

Charly smells the Jasmin in the air. ♥

31 Incredible (And Slightly Creepy) Hyperrealistic Tattoos

watercolor heart tattoo "Fox tattoo" in Tattoos Don't much like tattoos but this one is pretty cool. Not so much as a tattoo but as art.