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Damn Words with Friends has made me fall in love with Scrabble. This may just be beautiful enough to pull me away from the digital version. $199

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Best Ways to Store More in Your Kitchen Cubby Organization Give order to a collection of small appliances with a system of cubbies. Tuck in the necessary attachments and manuals that accompany each appliance so everything is on hand.

Scrabble was Mom's game! When I was in grade school and beyond, Mom would bribe me with a bottle of ice-cold cola to play scrabble with her :)

such a cute card idea in the top of the the contrast of the scrabble pieces and the graphic wallpaper

Scrabble Letter N by Leo Reynolds, via Flickr

I love this look and sentiment...however instead of spending $49 on a print I suspect I could replicate the look easily with some cheap supplies from Michaels!

Well, a scrabble game with missing letters is a throwaway, but then there's always this....?

i dont like the bookshelf idea but you could spell out someones name in scrabble letters above thier bed...or the whole family in the living room or entryway