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type design

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Ampers& Pt 2 . Typo . Typography . Tipografia . Grid . Construction . Chalkboard .

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Aron Jancso: G | Graphic design | Sgustok Design #graphic #design #poster #font #typeface #typography

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Typographic exploration-fashion Photography by Kalle Gustafsson.

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Futuracha the font [free] by Odysseas GP, via Behance

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I love seeing how designers modified an existing typeface. (by Gretel). Should you require Fashion Styling Advice & More. View & Contact:

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From up Northfrom From up North

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It seems like a lot of the typographic designs I've seen are full of different forms of text. This is something different: the design limiting itself to one dominant typeface really makes it stand out.



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Gestalt: Closure. Onze hersenen willen de lege ruimte tussen vormen in een letter opvullen.