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Ti faccio un culo così!

Ti controllo

Questo bambino fa un gesto particolare: pianino eh, che ti controllo....

Infographic: “The Global Guide to Hand Gestures”

cerco Jack...oppure...ti desidero

451: Italian writing system & phonology. Italian hand gestures. Is this for real?

The people of Italy are emotionally demonstrative, so expect to see lots of cheek kissing among acquaintances, embraces between men who are good friends and lingering handshakes. Italian men may walk arm-in-arm, as may women. Pushing and shoving in busy places is not considered rude, so don’t be offended by it. Try to hold your ground. The Italian body language vocabulary is is quite extensive, but the following six may prove useful when traveling:

Learning Italian - Che dice?

Learning Italian - "What are you saying? I don't believe it!" With the gesture.

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Italian Hand Gestures Can Italians talk without their hands? No! But what do they mean?

#Italian without words!

Gesti tipici

questo gesto, significa che tutto é bene=OK

questo gesto significa che Io ho mangiato tanto cosí oppure "un pochino"