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    This is a guide about homemade bath salts recipes. A warm bath with aromatic bath salts added can be very relaxing.

    Adrian says: “The man in the photo, Mr. HelloYarn, has a 23” head, measured where the base of the hat sits. This allows 2” of negative ease for the hat, so that it doesn’t stretch out and get too loose after a bit of wear. I have, however, been very sure when knitting to leave nice, long floats when switching colors, which leaves the fabric with good stretch. If you are new to color knitting, be sure to spread the stitches on your right hand needle out before you make a stitch in a new ...

    The Cloud Factory by Alexandra Douglass

    Animated "Loading Message" card instructions

    A good idea for wire work. No instructions.

    Crochet Panama Hats Pattern

    Bra sizing tips: Sister sizes. Because cup size by letter is really just the difference between the distance around one's rib cage and the distance around one's bust, cup sizes by volume are identical to other sizes with different letters and numbers. If you're a really rare size and you're desperate for new bras on the cheap, you can buy your sister size in a larger band size and tailor it. (This chart uses UK sizing because US sizing isn't worth the ink it takes to print it.)

    Wagon Wheel Flower: Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

    Danish Love Knot jewelry beads. Wire wrap pendant thingy.

    Some of these are pretty neat. But why the dog?

    How to interpret laundry care symbols. Or just ask your mom. She knows what she's doing.

    How to Make Lucky Ferris Wheel Pendant Necklace.

    Tiny flowers from Todolwen

    Rubbing alcohol to blend colored pencils. Bee arr bee, rekindling my love of drawing.

    I like the style/structure of this.

    Funny DIYs are the best.

    On watercolor paper, sketch your drawing,outline your sketch in Elmer's glue, then paint it with water colors. (I read these instructions as the description on the previous pin, and I think this idea might work, even though it is nothing like the instructions described at this link.)

    Paper baubles, Christmas balls, pretty things.

    This is genius for switching colors. And it's so simple I'm a little embarrassed that this never occurred to me.

    A different way to approach flourishes.

    Drawing lips.

    DIY animal keychains. I make stuff like this already. Now I just need some plastic-bonding spray paint.

    Sock toys

    easy slippers

    DIY star boxes. Am I the only one imagining chocolate frogs coming out of these things?