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I hope you step on a lego. Only funny because I step on them every day and it hurts!

WAIT. There is an OBGYN where you also get pedicures?? ;) LOL

How to know when to shave your legs…

Funny pictures about How to know when to shave your legs. Oh, and cool pics about How to know when to shave your legs. Also, How to know when to shave your legs.

the week understands us too

Yup - always thought the "week" should be 2 days and the "weekend" 5 days! omg who thinks of this stuff so true

Is about  get real!

No Title #588 by iNW.LIVE

This would be hilarious to have a pilot with this awesome sense of humor!

FYI for the guys :)

So true. funny quote about women. For more jokes and hilarious quotes for women visit www.

Let's think about this right people!!!!!!!!

19 Signs You're A Chocoholic

Chocolate comes from cocoa which is plant. Therefore, chocolate count as as a salad! The End. Everyone I know will start using this excuse!

Real Life Wednesday: On Being Creatively... MEH

Not that I don't like raisin cookies.but when I'm in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie.for goodness sake I want a chocolate chip cookie!