Van. Sadist. I adore this intensity in his face because you can't quite tell what it is. Is he angry? Or is he watching something dangerous and isn't sure it won't involve him at some point? Is it sexual? I can keep going...

no words

We have discovered that this handsome hunk is Giulio Berruti!!! Hot or what?

Probably the only time I found him sexy as f@&k

Henry Cavill ~ by A Man Can Fly - 392 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ryan Guzman, Step Up Revolutions. I'm so going to see this movie. The trailer looks AMAZING.

"Neal Caffrey: A new breed of forger, technological virtuoso with a classical artistic foundation. Suspected of art forgery, theft of the Antioch manuscripts, and convicted of bond forgery." Matt Bomer as White Collar's Neal Caffrey. Very mid-century Cary Grant meets modern-day Rat Pack-- lots of 3-piece suits, Fortune 500 backroom deals, Dostoyevsky quotes and an alleged Raphael theft.

Suit :)

Jude Law// he's just so damn pretty. And his nose (my weakness in a man) is perfection.

Hunky male model wearing tuxedo and getting out of his car . - Develop the sexual presence of a model! Click the pic.

Matt Bomer

You can be my Dr Green if you want ...

eyes !!!

Male Model Atesh Salih, Turkish father, German mother, face of Georgio Armani for men

Galeria de fotos para tu blog o webpage: Hot sexy men photos- Imagenes de Hombres guapos

Assad Hadi Shalhoub. Persian Prince.

Daniel Henney

Maxwell Zagorski


Channing Tatum take me now <3