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I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. For all my geeky friends, you know who you are, a über cool "I'm sorry" card. If you don't get it. you're just not geeky enough.

Voici une histoire qui pourrait vous plaire, en particulier quand vous avez une organisation ou que vous invitez souvent beaucoup d'amis chez vous. Comme n

Générez un code QR pour votre mot de passe WiFi

Generate Your WiFi Password As A QR Code. Never get asked by friends again.great idea for guest room! Or even a small sign in guest room with wifi password would be great!

I'm going to right a gory story about death and murder in comic sans now

"Comic Sans is never a acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns." - part of the 'Confessions of a Designer' series, designed by Anneke Short This is exactly what my teacher says

Calm me sick, but I think this is hilarious(:

Keep Calm poster, Halloween edition.for those of us who are sick of Keep Calm stuff!

can't we all just get along

This would be sooo cute to use as a states project love using the 50 States Cartridge with Cricut! Love it! "Land That I Love". Awesome project for USA puzzle!

Show the world your geeky side with the “You Are The CSS to My HTML” t-shirt!

Web designer fun "Pop + Shorty", the work of graphic designer, Ashley Dailey of Atlanta, GA

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful:    via The Studio of CHRIS SILAS NEAL

“Unused lettering and illustration for food related editorial. Chris Silas Neal — Handwritten type has been one of the things I really liked to get into. Actually, type in general.

Simple but spot-on. The "LONDON LoNDoN" poster is designed by Quentin Newark of Atelier Works.


I really like this simple typography, because although it has a lot of white space it conveys colors and an object very typical to London. When I think of London I think of red and I think of the two story buses. This is a great use of type and color!