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    • Leticia (Letty) Rivera

      “Words can be bullets or butterflies. The truth uplifts, while lies destroy. So say what you mean and mean what you say.” – Piri Thomas Great book about Puerto Ricans in the diaspora living the urban life. By no means does it represent every Puerto Rican during the diaspora...

    • Julie Duvall

      Down These Mean Streets by: Piri Thomas. To read list.

    • Wilma Lebron

      Grat coming of age book!

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    i read in the news this should not be listed as a childrens book. havent read it yet myself

    "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. If you haven't read this novel, GET OFF PINTEREST AND GO READ IT! NOW!

    Such a good book I would recommend everyone to read it, just becuse it really opens your eyes on life.

    Storyline: When you die, you will meet 5 people who will explain to you the meaning of your life on Earth. Good bedtime book.

    Otro para la lista de favoritos. En orden o caos, con voto o a la fuerza, el Poder deshumanizado siempre permanece, sostenido en el engranaje de sus elementos opuestos o contradicciones dicotómicas, tales como Gobierno-Oposición, Paz-Guerra, Verdad-Mentira, Amor-Odio, Abundancia-Hmabre, etc; Perpetuándose en el tiempo, bien puede llamarse Libertad o Esclavitud, Democracia o Dictadura; el juego de los nombres es su gran escondite.

    I absolutely loved this book! It is amazing. The only disappointment is I wish it were a true story.

    good christmas lesson - children write christmas list then listen to Giving Tree (discussing how the tree gives and the boy takes and takes) then re-write their list.

    Out Sept 11 2012 - short stories collection. Great cover, yes, that's a broken (breaking?) heart!

    It's written like a romance novel for people with short attention spans. I'm not so dumb that you need a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter to get me to continue reading.

    Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set Giveaway (ends 3/31)

    One of the greatest love stories every told - set in the deep south against a background of a completely disfunctional family.