A lamp with take along glow balls for bathroom trips- genius

pool pillow from Brookstone...amazing!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Transparent Canoe Kayak this would be amazing to ride in. Think of what you could see under the boat.

Corn Stripper | Talk about nifty.

Ceramic microwave bacon cooker | 17 Genius Breakfast Inventions That Will Change Your Life

Chilled Condiment Caddy


Easy Tip for Getting Corn Off the Cob

Corn stripper

Corn Silk Remover, Corn On The Cob Brush | Solutions

Genius mug.



Egg White Separator, Genius!

cool kitchen gadgets

S'mores Maker!

no more open bags of flour/sugar getting everywhere...no more cramming them in a zip lock. Amazing. Need to do this.