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Try These Tips For A Successful Fitness Plan So That You Can Start Getting Fit Today

amazing body of Hilary Swank in sprint via Vanity Fair mag photo from Million Dollar Babe; photo by Norman Jean Roy

There will be a day when you can no longer do this - today is NOT that day.

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These are doable anywhere!

muscle diagram - LEGS/HIPS: wall sit (ant & post thigh muscles, gluteus maximus) I have been doing a 100 second wall sit every day. ouch the burn

7months ago I joined BUDT and we kept getting told that we'd get there "eventually" I'm proud of how far my team has come our tomorrow is here ❤️

The night before my dad died, I thought about giving him a hug, but decided I could always give him one tomorrow.tomorrow never came.we should never put off until tomorrow what we could get done today.you never know when there won't be a tomorrow.

HIIT brûle graisse pour perdre du poids (pour brûler de la masse grasse et pas les muscles)

HIIT brûle graisse pour perdre du poids (pour brûler de la masse grasse et pas les muscles)

Home Workout #2: Adieu poignées d'amour!

Home Workout Adieu poignées d'amour! - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!


The Better-Back Workout - Exercises to Relieve Back Pain. I've done some of these poses in my yoga classes. The cat-cow variation with help the best in relieving the pain. The bridge pose will help tighten that core to help prevent more back pain.

Please read my latest blog post (clickable link in bio) to hear why pursuing a life of health and wellness after baby is the right choice for me.    I choose to workout and be a 'fit mama' because it...  makes me happy  decreases stress  increases patience and ability to cope with everyday problems  gives me more energy and stamina decreases pain  gives me a sense of control over my life increases self confidence and sense of accomplishment  helps me feel like 'me'   It's easy to

Diet pills do NOT work. HCG whatever does NOT work. HGH spray does NOT work. THIS does work! Simply the best weight loss program there is.

En 5 minutes par jour un dos plus tonique en video ! #fitness #musculation

5 minutes par jour pour un dos bien musclé