easy to clean nesting boxes. Cut the front edge so they don't roost on them.

PVC chicken feeders. Super time saver and keeps crud out of the feed

Nest box

chicken coop door | Chickens and Coop–Part 5 Nesting Boxes, Roost, Auto Door | nc ...

Cedar Chicken Coop With Planter - I'm in love!

Chicken feeder~less waste!

Wichita Cabin Coop - BackYard Chickens Community


Corner nestboxes to save space

The color scheme and design of this coop are so elegant. I love the overhang on the roof.


That's smart!!!! Few feet of hardware cloth for predators on the ground & then do the rest in a bigger gap size (cheaper but still predator proof)!!!

CHICKEN COOP...good idea! and the bedding wont spill out! great for DOG HOUSE CONVERSIONS!! YAY!!

Nice coop. Tall ceilings, easy access for cleaning.

The chicken coop/garden

Chicken/duck coops made from pallets - lots of good ideas on enrichment, run design, nutrition, etc.

I love the sloped roof on the run attached to this coop.

"Hennebunkport" Fabulous chicken coop!

DIY nesting coop

BackYard Chickens