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Hand Lettering


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running a hand lettered chalkboard giveaway on my Instagram account this week!

Have a wonderful day | Kitty Lo


Thanks a bunch | Kitty Lo

Mediocre joker

I found a paper that works like a dream with calligraphy and wet ink. It comes in nearly a zillion colors, too.

Drie fantastische jaren aan het #europeanletteringinstitute. #goodvibes credit: tmfds

hand lettering • I am who I am

And so the adventure begins | Kitty Lo via Instagram

I Still Love You by Melissa Esplin: Sign Painting Inspired Photo Backdrop

I need feedback on this, please :) I feel like the 'an ordeal and an adventure' kind of loses its flow. Am I right? Or is it easy enough to read? Thank you in advance!

I like the watercolor ;)

Some lettering for National Donut Day! | whimsy and wild

Nancy Ellen Abrams quote

I Still Love You by Melissa Esplin: A Simple Guide to Brush Markers

Moonpie Designs: burn & shine


Let's get back to making with our hands.

Watercolor lettering for Mother's Day

something i need to work on

I Still Love You by Melissa Esplin: Hawaii Brush Calligraphy Workshop